About Consistency In Web Design

If objects with similar functions are grouped together, its function will be easily understood and remembered. When designing an interface, it is important that all similar tools used for navigation and accessing information should stay consistent. The webpage font, style, colour, layout, mouse over effects should also stay consistent. When … Read More

Ideal Web Design Firm

Plan Your Budget

Choosing a web design firm often comes down to money in the end. You may not be able to afford the very best firm in the industry, but that doesn’t mean you have to choose the worst either. Before searching for a web design firm, decide exactly … Read More

Web Design Mistakes

  • Do not underline words unless they are a link. It is a design standard to underline links. If you underline other words on your web page that are not links, viewers will click them. When they don’t go anywhere, it will lead to confusion. Make it obvious what is a
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Revenge Ugly Website

A Burning Man’s Weird and Ugly Website

Burny and his best friend Nona have built a website to tell his life story to the world. Burny is afflicted with a mysterious chronic burning disease that causes parts of his body to ignite at random. Burn scars constellate his body. He … Read More